Maine is a very unique and special place, so it’s no wonder that you are thinking about aging-in-place in the state you love so well! If you are serious about staying in your Maine home for years to come, you may want to consider these four home modifications that can increase your safety and comfort as you age in place!

Increasing Safety with Exterior Ramps

If you live in Maine, you know winters here can bring severe weather. Frequent snow and ice storms can make pathways and entry stairways hazardous if you have mobility issues.

You can make weathering winter storms safer by adding a ramp for accessing exterior entryways. The right ramp can help everyone in your household avoid potentially hazardous slips and falls as they come and go.

With many ramp options, there is guaranteed to be one that is right for your individual needs. Whether you need a simple modular ramp or would like to enhance your home with a custom-build wraparound ramp, Portland Accessibility Remodelers can help you feel safe and secure, no matter what the forecast.

The professionals at Portland Accessibility Remodelers recently completed a project in Yarmouth, Maine, where they installed an outdoor ramp. Since completion, this addition has helped the homeowners be able to get in and out of their home safely.

Enhancing Kitchen Accessibility

Maine’s nickname, “Vacationland,” is well-earned! Between miles of beaches, lively cities, and pristine wilderness, you may find you have a constant stream of friends and family wanting to visit your Maine home.

When friends and family come calling, one of the best places to gather is a welcoming kitchen. If you or a loved one has mobility issues or other special needs, Portland Accessibility Remodelors has solutions that can make your kitchen assessable and user-friendly for everyone.

Some of the best kitchen modifications include adjusting countertop heights, lowering cabinets, and adding additional lighting to make every corner of your kitchen safe. 

Installing an Accessible Shower

After a long day enjoying the summer sun at one of Maine’s beautiful beaches or serene lakes, the first thing you might want to do when you come home is to rinse off in a refreshing shower. If you are aging-in-place, you can shower with peace of mind when you opt for a custom-accessible shower.

Accessible showers can be designed with all the needs of your family in mind. You can be sure that everyone is able to shower safely with options like grab bars and handrails, non-slip flooring, and anti-scald faucets.

If you or a loved one uses a wheelchair, you can opt for a zero-threshold shower, allowing them to wheel directly into the shower.

Boosting Mobility with a Lift

One of the best things about remaining in your home in Maine as you age is the continued enjoyment of the views just outside your window. Whether you look out on the Gulf of Maine or the 100-Mile Wilderness, Maine is quite a sight!

If your best view is up or down a flight of stairs, mobility issues can prevent everyone in the household from seeing the sights. You can make navigating stairways easy and safe again with the remodeling for lift options.

Portland Accessibility Remodelers works closely with local lift and elevator companies to provide custom remodeling that allows for the lift you need to fit seamlessly into your home. Our team can help you choose the lift that’s right for you and then show you just how it will look once it’s expertly installed, allowing everyone in your home to enjoy your Maine view.

If you live in Maine, it’s not surprising that you might choose to age-in-place! With all that Maine has to offer, why would you want to live anywhere else? With our accessibility options, we can help make your dream of aging-in-place in Maine safe and comfortable!

Do you want to learn more about how you can make aging in place in Maine easier? Contact the professionals at Portland Accessibility Remodelers today!