Ramps & Stair Modifications

Getting in and out of your home safely can be a concern if you use a wheelchair or have limited mobility. Our dedicated professionals at Portland Accessibility Remodelers can help make accessing your home safe and easy with ramps and stair modifications.

Exterior Ramps

Slippery with rain, slick with ice, or awkward in height, exterior stairs can be a serious hazard. If you are unsteady on your feet, have balance issues, or are using a wheelchair to get around, an exterior ramp makes it possible to access your home safely and efficiently.

When considering the installation of an exterior ramp, there are several options available depending on your needs, your budget, and your personal preferences.

Modular Ramps

Modular ramps are a good short-term solution if the ramp will only be necessary for two years or less. At Portland Accessibility Remodelers, our modular ramps can be customized to accommodate easy access to the frequently used front or side doors.

Modular ramps are often made of aluminum. They cause minimal impact on the surrounding landscape, like maintained lawns or flower beds.

They can also be easily removed after they are no longer needed.

Custom Ramps

Custom ramps are carefully designed and permanently installed to suit your long-term needs. Custom ramps are often built with concrete and wood.

They can also be built using composite materials, depending on the desired look for the ramp. While custom ramps are generally more expensive than modular ramps, they can be an attractive addition to a home and even increase its value.

Threshold Ramps

Exterior Threshold Ramps

A modular threshold ramp can provide safe and easy access to your front door, primarily if you use a wheelchair. Our professionals design these ramps to fit seamlessly with the height of your threshold.

Threshold ramps come in various materials, and some are height-adjustable, depending on your specific needs. Combining and customizing multiple ramps to accommodate wider or unusually sized thresholds is also possible.

Portland Accessibility Remodelers can professionally install exterior ramps and interior threshold ramps, giving you one less safety concern to worry about.

Interior Threshold Ramps

Interior threshold ramps for door jambs make moving from room to room inside your home safer and more wheelchair friendly. At Portland Accessibility Remodelers, we can easily adjust them to the specific height and shape of your home’s door jambs.

Things to Consider When Thinking About Installing a Ramp

If you are thinking about installing a ramp, it’s necessary to think about how it will fit in your home. Keep the following in mind when making this decision:

It is often necessary to have one foot of ramp for each inch of rise. This formula complies with the ADA-recommended slope for a ramp.

Depending on the total height of the stairs the ramp will replace, you need enough space to accommodate the proposed length of the ramp.

If there is not enough space, we have other options available like vertical lifts.

Modular ramps are a good option for exterior ramps that you can use for two years or less. These ramps have minimum impact on the surrounding landscape and can be easily removed.

Custom ramps are long-lasting, and we can design them to match the existing look of your home. While more expensive to build, these ramps can add value to your home.

Modular ramps are usually made of durable silver aluminum. Custom ramps are typically made of concrete and wood.

Custom ramps can also be made with composite materials to match existing structures, like your front or back deck.

Because of the exact rise requirements for safe ramps, it is essential to have a knowledgeable professional install exterior ramps and interior threshold ramps.

Are you interested in making your home safer and more accessible?

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