Accessible Kitchens

Kitchens are often the heart of a family home, used by all family members for gathering, cooking, and dining. When considering aging-in-place or those with limited mobility, a family kitchen must be easily accessible to everyone.


Upper cabinets can be lowered up to three inches from standard height, reducing the need to strain to reach higher shelves. The professionals at Portland Accessibility Remodelers can also fit upper cabinets with a pull-down or remote-control shelving. These adjustments can make accessing cabinet contents even more convenient. Lower cabinets can be converted into pull-out shelving units. Pull-out shelving units can make accessing and organizing kitchen or pantry items easy. Appliance lifts can also be installed in lower cabinets, reducing the strain of lifting heavier appliances, like mixers and slow cookers.

Drawers and Pulls

Drawers are an excellent option for an accessible kitchen as you can easily pull them out to see their contents. Knobs can be difficult to grasp if you have decreased hand strength. Replacing knobs with lever-style or D-shaped pulls can lessen the potential challenge of opening and closing drawers and cabinets.


For a genuinely accessible kitchen, it is essential to consider the clearance between countertops and kitchen islands. According to the ADA, a clearance of at least 60 inches is necessary to accommodate wheelchairs easily in the kitchen. Our professionals at Portland Accessibility Remodelers will also consider the placement of major appliances. For maximum accessibility, having the refrigerator, the stove, and the kitchen sink close to one other makes it easier to move from one appliance to another.


It is important to consider lighting quality, especially in kitchen work areas. Good lighting in an accessible kitchen is vital to safety.

Task lighting can brightly light up specific kitchen areas where you perform tasks most, like countertops, islands, and sinks. Portland Accessibility Remodelers can lower light switches to be easily accessible for everyone. Rocker-style switches are flatter and broader than traditional toggle switches and are easier to operate if you have hand strength or mobility issues.


At Portland Accessibility Remodelers, we can help you have a shallower sink that can make washing dishes or rinsing food easier for everyone in an accessible kitchen. Another simple but effective modification is touchless faucets which are easier to operate if you have trouble twisting a knob. Wall ovens are a safer alternative to conventional ovens, which can be installed at any suitable height in multiple locations in the kitchen. Wall ovens that are mounted at counter height can make transferring hot dishes from the oven to the countertop worry-free. We can also install microwaves below counters. If microwaves are more accessible, reaching up for hot food will be less hazardous.


The standard height of countertops can be too high for practical use if you lack arm strength or flexibility or use a wheelchair. At Portland Accessibility Remodelers, we can install countertops of varying heights, ensuring a functional kitchen for everyone. Rounding kitchen corners is another way to avoid unnecessary injuries caused by sharp kitchen corners.


Installing slip-resistant flooring with a gripping texture further prevents accidental slips and falls in the kitchen. Rugs with non-slip rug pads can provide comfort if you find it difficult to stand in one place for extended periods.

Portland Accessibility Remodelers can beautifully remodel your kitchen to be more accessible. Our kitchen remodels result in a safer and more user-friendly kitchen for everyone and a kitchen that adds beauty and value to your home.

Are you interested in making your home safer and more accessible?

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