Grab Bars & Handrails

Handrails and handles can help you avoid accidents at home. Our dedicated professionals at Portland Accessibility Remodelers can improve the accessibility in your home.

Stability in the bathroom is important as many slips and falls happen there. When strategically placed and correctly installed, handrails and handles can provide stability to make bathing safer.

Permanently Installed Handrails & Grab Bars

Portland Accessibility Remodelers can professionally install permanent handrails and grab bars to bear your full weight.

Handrails can be essential to prevent injury in the event of a slip or a fall, and they help you pull yourself up from a seated position. Our professionals can permanently install handrails in many places in your bathroom.

Whether you need them along walls, in your shower, or next to the commode, permanent grab bars can be an additional safety measure throughout your home. Handrails are anchored to the wall and meet the standard handrail requirements set by the ADA. Permanently attached handrails come in various materials, lengths, shapes, and finishes. While a standard handrail is straight, you can install curved handrails or angled ones to fit in a corner.

There are several options for permanently attached handrails, depending on your personal needs.

These include:

  • Standard Straight Handrails
  • Custom Hand Rails
  • Angled Handrails
  • Two-in-One Handrails which work as both a handrail and a place to hang towels or provide shelf space for storage
  • Curved or Waved-Shaped Handrails which can provide shelf space and may fit in with existing bathroom d├ęcor
  • Corner Handrails which work well around a commode
  • Movable Handrails which flip up or shut to store when not in use
  • Extend-A-Hand Grab Bars
  • Fold Up Safety Rails

Portland Accessibility Remodelers does not install Suction Cup Grab Bars as they can not bear your full weight and are unsafe.


Handles are generally used on bathtubs to provide stability when entering and exiting the tub. They clamp on the edge of your bathtub and can be adjusted for height.

Handles can also have single or multiple grasping areas. Some handles come with a textured grip for extra stability, even if the handle is wet.

Handles are not usually permanently attached because of the materials used to make most bathtubs. Handrails and handles in your bathroom provide you with reassuring stability. Because bathrooms are often the site of potentially serious slips and falls, handrails and handles are essential in making them safer for you to use independently.

Are you interested in making your home safer and more accessible?

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