When our clients in Falmouth decided to make their homes more accessible as they age in place, one of the first rooms they looked to renovate was their bathroom. They immediately realized that their existing shower, with a raised threshold and slippery flooring, would eventually present safety and accessibility challenges.

The solution to their problem was the installation of a custom accessible shower. Like our clients, many people find that installing an accessible shower is one of the best ways to ensure that they can continue to shower safely and independently as they age in place.

If you’ve decided to age in place, you may have been wondering whether an accessible shower is right for you. Keep reading to learn four signs that it might be time to consider installing an accessible shower!

1. You Have Mobility Limitations

If you or someone in your household has mobility limitations, it can be difficult to step over the high threshold of a traditional bathtub or shower. Accessible showers can be designed to have a low or flush threshold, making them easy to enter and exit without the risk of tripping or falling.

2. You Need to Sit While Showering

It can be easier to sit while showering if you are less than steady on your feet. Accessible showers that are wider than a traditional shower allow for ample space to either permanently place a shower chair or install a wall-mounted shower chair for safer showering.

3. You Want to Feel More Secure When Showering

If you feel unsafe when using your existing shower, accessible showers offer safety features that can give you precious piece of mind. Some of the safety features that are commonly included with an accessible shower include grab bars both in and around the shower, non-slip flooring to provide additional traction, and anti-scald faucets to prevent dangerously hot water from scalding sensitive skin.

4. You Want a Shower That You Can Use for Years

Even if you don’t need an accessible shower in the immediate future, installing an accessible shower before you need one ensures that you’ll be able to shower safely and independently for years to come. Planning ahead for your needs is a smart way to guarantee that your home suits all your needs as your age-in-place.

Working with Portland Accessibility Remodeler’s founder Todd Creighton, our clients in Falmouth designed an accessible shower that not only ensures ease of use and optimal safety but that is also a beautiful addition to their home. Opting for features like anti-slip tiles and a fold-down shower seat, their new accessible shower allows them to enjoy showering worry-free.

Happily, our clients didn’t have to sacrifice appearance for safety and accessibility. They were able to choose unique floor and wall tiles, as well as tasteful shower hardware, to create an accessible shower which showcases their individual taste and style.

Because the bathroom is often the site of many preventable accidents, you want to be sure that you are safe when you shower as your age-in-place. Installing a custom accessible shower can add beauty to your bathroom and give you valuable peace of mind while you enjoy a shower!

Are you ready to have the accessible shower of your dreams? Portland Accessibility Remodelers can make that dream come true! Call us today to schedule a consultation!