Remodels For Lifts

Portland Accessibility Remodelers work closely with local lift and elevator companies to provide the custom remodeling required when installing the units. When you decide to have a form of a lift installed in your home, custom adaptation of your home’s structure is often needed.

Stilz Lift

Stilz Lifts are a great way to go from your living floor to the second or third floor. They are safe lifts and we recommend the company. When you have a Stilz Lift installed in your home, either it goes through the floor or beside a stairway. Both applications require a knowledgeable remodeler to make the project safe and look as though the unit belonged in your home.

If you would like a lift installed in your home and have not yet found a good Stilz Lift installer that offers great follow up service, call or email Todd for a list of good companies that can help you.

Stair Lifts

A popular way to climb a flight of stairs. With this type of lift, it is fastened to the stair tread directly. Usually you don’t need to remodel much if any when installing a stair lift. If you do need home modification to complete the installation of your stairlift, we can usually help. If you need a referral to a reputable stair lift installer, just contact us by emailing or calling.

Vertical Platform Lifts

A safe way to go from the driveway to the first floor or any one story. Usually, you will want some remodeling here. Either structurally or cosmetically, your home will need some modification of the platform and rails. Threshold ramps may be in order when installing vertical platform lifts. As with the other forms of lifts, Todd can help you choose a company  that is reliable and will install the vertical lift and stand behind them with warranties.

Ceiling Lifts

A great way to add mobility throughout one level of your home. When installing ceiling lifts, modifications to doorways usually are needed. This process can make transferring from the bedroom to a bathroom much more doable. If you don’t have a ceiling lift installer yet, we would be happy to help you with local installers that we trust. Just call or email Todd at Portland Accessibility Remodelers. 

Are you interested in making your home safer and more accessible?

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