When considering where to start making your home more accessible as you age-in-place, think about the things you do every day, all year round. It’s likely that one of those things is taking a shower. 

You can make that daily activity safer and easier for everyone in your home by installing an accessible shower. Keep reading to learn more about the accessible showers available for those aging-in-place!

What are Accessible Showers?

As the name implies, an accessible shower is a shower which can be easily accessed by any user, even those with mobility, strength or balance issues. An accessible shower ensures safety and promotes independent self-care.

Types of Accessible Showers

The main types of accessible showers are walk-in showers, curb-less showers, and roll-in showers. The type of accessible shower that’s right for you and your household largely depends on your individual needs.

Walk-in Showers 

A walk-in shower differs from a regular bathroom shower unit in that it has no door to open when entering the shower. Often, walk-in showers have a low step or curb to prevent water from leaving the shower area.  

The size and shape of a walk-in shower can be customized for your individual needs. They are a popular shower choice for aging-in-place bathroom remodels because they are often wider and more spacious than a traditional shower unit.

With a walk-in shower, you can design a shower with built-in seating or more room for a shower chair or bench. Strategically-installed grip bars can make a walk-in shower even more easy to use.

Curb-less Showers 

A curb-less shower is a shower that has no step or barrier at the entrance of the shower. This makes it a safer shower option if you or someone in your household are at greater risk for slips or falls.

A custom walk-in shower can be designed with a curb-less entry. These showers are carefully installed to ensure that shower water does not leave the shower area and cause potential damage to surrounding bathroom flooring. 

There are also modular curb-less showers that can be fitted into an existing space in your bathroom. While a modular option can cost less than a custom shower, the standard sizes and features might not be suitable for your needs and your bathroom.

Roll-in Showers

Roll-in showers are the best accessible shower option for individuals who use a wheelchair or a walker for mobility. These showers have a zero-threshold or beveled entrance, allowing for easy access without any barriers. 

Roll-in showers also have wider entryways, more spacious showering areas, and built-in seating. All of these features make it safer and more convenient for individuals with mobility issues to enjoy a shower worry-free.

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Other Accessible Shower Options

No matter which type of accessible shower is right for you, there are additional options available that can make a walk-in, curb-less, or roll-in shower even more accessible. These options include:

Grab Bars 

Strategically-placed grab bars can provide additional security to an accessible shower. They can offer assistance and stability when bathers enter and exit the shower and prevent slips or falls while showering.

Fold-down or Built-in Shower Seats

While some modular accessible shower stalls come with in-shower seating, fold-down or built-in seating can be added to custom-built showers. Seating in a shower can make showering more enjoyable for individuals who struggle with balance or cannot stand for the entire shower.

Non-Slip Flooring

Non-slip flooring is a must for a fully accessible bathroom and shower. Today, there are a wide array of non-slip flooring options to suit your individual taste and style.

Anti-scald Faucets

Installing anti-scald faucets in your accessible shower provides additional safety for individuals with sensitive, delicate skin. These faucets ensure that water doesn’t get too hot before a bather can modulate the temperature during a shower.

You can make showering easy and safe for everyone in your home as you age in place with an accessible shower! With all the accessible shower options to choose from, working with the experienced team at Portland Accessibility Remodelers is the best way to find the perfect accessible shower for you and your family.

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