Aging in place has been shown to promote a better quality of life, more genuine life satisfaction, and higher self-esteem, all of which are the building blocks of happiness! If you are considering aging in place, keep reading to learn four ways that choice can make you happier! 

1. Staying Independent

One way aging in place can make you happier as you age is that remaining in your home allows you to maintain your independence. You are able to continue to live your life the way you choose, from when you wake up in the morning to what you decide to do with your day to what you eat for dinner.

Living in an assisted-living facility can mean a loss of independence in your everyday life. There may be schedules to follow or limited meal options, which can restrict your ability to independently make decisions about your own life. 

Losing that independence can significantly affect your self-esteem and leave you feeling unhappy and dissatisfied. Aging in place can allow you to continue to experience the many benefits of independence.

2. Time with Family and Friends

When you age in place, your home can still be a gathering place for the friends and family who fill your life with joy. When you stay in your home, you can still welcome everyone over for traditional holiday gatherings, summertime cookouts, or even a simple weekday dinner.

Maintaining familial and social relationships as you age has been shown to be a critical factor in long-lasting happiness. When you have the ability to see friends and family whenever you desire, you are less likely to feel isolated or lonely. 

Aging in place means that there are no limits to when and where you can spend time with the people you love.

3. Remaining a Part of Your Community

Often, moving to an assisted-living facility means leaving the community where you may have lived for many years. This may be a community where you have established long-lasting relationships with not only friends and family but also your mail carrier, your hairdresser, and your local librarians.

If there is not a suitable facility near your home, you may end up many miles away from the place you have been a part of for many years. People in communities tend to watch out for one another by checking on neighbors, bringing food when people are sick, and offering rides to the doctor or the grocery store. 

Being part of a community not only gives you a profound sense of happiness and well-being, but it can also be an essential source of support as you age!

4. Less Financial Worries

One of the biggest worries many people face as they age is the associated costs of aging itself. Assisted-living facilities range widely in price, and you may be concerned about your ability to afford what can be an expensive option. 

Aging in place can ease those worries as you are able to stay in a home that you have owned for many years and which has fewer monthly expenses, such as a mortgage payment. While it might be necessary to make some changes to your home to ensure you can still live there safely, these one-time costs are usually far less than the recurring costs of assisted living. 

Choosing to age in place can ease your financial worries and allow you to concentrate on happily living your best life as you age.

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