If you are considering aging-in-place in the comfort of your own home, you may be thinking about investing in a stair lift. A stair lift used to access multiple stories in a home can be an essential investment in your ability to remain in your home as your age.

Keep reading to learn five advantages of investing in a stair lift if you’re aging in place!

1. Safety

Stairways are often the site of some of the most dangerous and common slips or falls in the home. If you or your loved one have decreased mobility or reduced hand strength, you can easily lose your balance even while using a sturdy handrail to ascend or descend a staircase.

Chairlifts reduce this safety concern by completely changing how you access other stories of your home. With a professionally installed and properly used stair lift, you are securely seated as the stair lift safely carries you up and down staircases.

2. Restores Independence

If you have trouble using staircases on your own due to decreased mobility, you might have to wait until another person in the household is available to help you up or down a staircase. 

With a stair lift, you can again use your home’s staircase independently. Once seated and belted into the comfortable chair of the stair lift, you can easily access rooms on other floors of your home without assistance. 

3. Increased Convenience in Multi-Storied Homes

Just as a stair lift restores a measure of independence as you age-in-place, a stair lift can provide you with increased convenience in accessing all the stories of your home. 

A stair lift allows you to come down to a first-floor kitchen or dining room for breakfast in the morning and then easily return to a second-floor bedroom to dress for the day. It’s equally as easy to return upstairs for an afternoon rest and then back down for dinner in the evening.

4. Reduced Need for Renovation 

If you are aging-in-place in a multi-storied home and have decreased mobility, you may have considered renovating your home so that you can ultimately live on the bottom floor. Unfortunately, remodeling a home so you can age-in-place is not always possible.

There are many reasons why renovation may not be an option. Your house may be on a small lot that does not allow for potential expansion. 

Maybe your house doesn’t have the plumbing needed to install a complete first-floor bathroom, or you may just not want to renovate your home further. 

Installing a stair lift can reduce or even eliminate your need to renovate your home to age-in-place. With a stair lift, you can continue to use all the rooms on every floor of your home, from second-floor bedrooms and bathrooms to first-floor kitchens and living rooms. 

5. Quick Installation

Stair lifts can be securely installed in as little as a day. This makes stair lifts a fast and easy way to make it possible to safely and independently age-in-place on all the stories of your own home without the time, inconvenience, and expense of extensive renovations.

Stair lifts are a simple and effective way to make safely aging-in-place in your existing home a reality for you and your family. Portland Accessibility Remodelers will work with you to find the best solutions to realize your aging-in-place dreams. 

Do you want to learn more about how you can make your home safer while you age in place? Contact the professionals at Portland Accessibility Remodelers today to learn more about all the innovative aging-in-place solutions we offer!