As we enter the season of ice and snow, you may be worried about your ability to access your home as you age-in-place. The winter weather can make exterior stairs a hazard as you enter and exit your home.

Keep reading to learn if a ramp can make it easier to get around your home!

What Types of Ramps Are Available?

One of the best solutions to inaccessible entryways, no matter what the weather, is a ramp! Ramps offer a safe and convenient way to access exterior doors, whether you are in a wheelchair or just less steady on your feet.

Portland Accessibility Remodelers can offer you a wide array of exterior ramp choices, all expertly installed by us. Whether you are considering a temporary solution or a more permanent addition, we can help you find the ramp that exactly meets your individual needs.

There are two basic choices when considering which exterior ramp is right for you. One of these choices is a modular ramp, usually made of aluminum, and the other is a custom ramp, which can be constructed from a variety of materials.

Modular Ramps

Modular ramps can be installed temporarily or permanently, depending on your ramp needs. These ramps are constructed of solid, high-quality aluminum and are able to withstand all kinds of weather.

Modular ramps can be a good short-term solution. They are easily installed and removed, causing minimal impact on the surrounding landscape, like ornamental flower beds or maintained lawns.

As the name suggests, modular ramps can be constructed in a wide variety of configurations, depending on your particular situation. Whether you need a long ramp with a bend to access a front door or a shorter ramp to access a side or interior garage door, modular ramps can be pieced together to exactly suit your needs.

Custom Ramps

Custom ramps can be specifically designed and carefully constructed to not only meet your accessibility needs but also to be an attractive addition to your home. While generally more costly than modular ramps, custom ramps can ultimately increase the value of your home!

While most often built with wood and concrete, custom ramps can also be constructed with composite materials. Composite materials are often used for decking, allowing us to create a custom ramp that matches existing structures, like a front or back deck.

There are endless design options with a custom ramp, depending on your taste and style. They can either be a discreet add-on to your home or an expansion to your outdoor entertaining space! 

Modular Threshold Ramp

If you live in a single-story home, you may still need to ramp to smoothly navigate your exterior doors. A modular threshold ramp can make entering and exiting your home, particularly if you are in a wheelchair, safer and easier.

Threshold ramps come in a variety of heights and, when properly installed, fit seamlessly with the height of your threshold. They are available in a variety of materials and can customized to fit a wider or unusually sized threshold. These ramps can also be used to modify interior thresholds!

With all of the ramp options that Portland Accessibility Remodelers have to offer, there’s no reason why you should worry about safely getting in, out and around your home this winter. Whether you think a modular ramp might suit your needs, are looking to enhance your home with a custom ramp, or merely need to make the crossing threshold smoother, we can meet and exceed all your ramp expectations!

Do you want to learn more about what a ramp can do for you? Contact the professionals at Portland Accessibility Remodelers in Falmouth, ME, today!