If you are aging in place, it is essential to ensure that your home is modified to allow all areas to be easily accessible. Keep reading to learn ten reasons you should consider installing a walk-in tub in your home!

1. You Have Had a Previous Injury in the Bathroom

Slips and falls are common causes of injury for older adults. Due to the many slick surfaces, bathrooms are the location of many of these preventable accidents.

A walk-in tub can go a long way to make bathing safer. Walk-in tubs come with non-slip entryways and floors, reducing the risk of slips or falls getting in and out of the tub.

2. You Worry About Safety While Getting In and Out of the Bathtub or Shower

Stepping over the high edge of a traditional bathtub can be difficult if you have mobility or balance issues. You can easily lose your balance as you maneuver yourself into a conventional bathtub.

Many of these bathtubs can have walls that can be more than a foot in height! You can access walk-in tubs using a small, water-tight door with a low threshold.

3. You Have Sight Issues

Walk-in tubs make bathing more accessible and safer if you have vision issues. The standard non-slip surfaces of walk-in tubs prevent accidents caused by missteps in the tub or on the threshold. 

Walk-in tubs also feature anti-scald valves, which protect you from being injured by very hot water if you mistakenly turn the wrong tap. 

4. You Have Balance Issues

Walk-in tubs have many safety features to prevent injury while bathing if you have balance issues. These safety features include built-in handrails, contour seating, and anti-slip flooring.

Additionally, the low threshold and higher walls of walk-in tubs help increase your stability as you enter and exit the bath. Instead of having to take a high step over the side of a traditional bathtub, you walk in and out of a walk-in tub.

5. Walk-in Tubs Are Deeper than Traditional Bathtubs

The higher walls of a walk-in bathtub make it possible to be more fully immersed in water while you bathe. Safely seated on the built-in molded seat in a walk-in tub, you can clean your whole body more easily while remaining upright.

6. Walk-in Tubs Offer Several Health Benefits

Soaking in the deeper water of a walk-in tub can help alleviate joint aches and pains. It can also speed the healing of injuries like burns and skin ulcers. 

Some walk-in tubs come with hydrotherapy jets that help relax tense or sore muscles while you bathe.

7. Easier Access for Wheelchair Users

If you use a wheelchair, walk-in tub models with wider doors allow you to enter the tub in a wheelchair. The design of these models enables you to transfer from your wheelchair to the tub seat with ease once you are in the tub.

8. Optional Shower Heads Allow You to Bath and Shower

Many walk-in tub models come with detachable showerheads, offering the convenience of both bathing and showering in one place. These showerheads make it easier to rinse off without leaving the tub. 

9. Walk-in Tubs Come in a Variety of Sizes, Based on Your Individual Needs

Whatever your needs or preferences, there is likely a walk-in tub model that is right for you. You can choose options like models that seat one or two persons, models that are wheelchair accessible, and bariatric models.

10. Walk-in Tubs Can Make Bathing a Spa-Like Experience

With options like hydrotherapy jets and aromatherapy attachments, a long soak in a walk-in tub can make routine bathing more enjoyable. You can modify your bathtub to be safer to access and feel like visiting a spa without leaving home! 

Are you interested in learning more benefits of installing a walk-in tub in your home? Contact the professionals at Portland Accessibility Remodelers for more information!